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Baby its cold outside. Yes this next stretch of days is going to be cold. 6 tips to stay warm

1 - Weather strip and spray foam your doors and windows. Its amazing those little drafts cause such a temperature difference in your home.

2 - Door sweeps - these are the little plastic U shaped things you put on the bottom of your doors. They are a pain when first put on as they are stiff but if you have a draft under your door they will keep your home warmer and save you on your heating costs.

3 - Nest - do not build a nest - buy a Nest. A smart thermostat allows you to adjust your furnace from your smart phone or smart speaker. On your way home? Turn up the heat. I have heard these can save you up to 20% on your heating costs.

4 - Cook a soup. You are going to be home more anyway so buy some root veggies and cook a soup. It will warm your inners and is a healthy alternative to fast food burgers.

5 - Dress - Yes its always appropriate to get dress but when its -30 dress yourself and your home appropriately. Wear wooly socks (cause cold feet suck), layer your clothing and your homes hardwood gets cold too so use area rugs where appropriate.

6 - Change your furnace filter. Its going to be working overtime so make sure it able to get air. Also if you have a high efficiency make sure your breather tubes outside are free of snow and ice.

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS TIP - cuddle with a loved one. Body warmth and all.

Stay safe this next week friends

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