True Blue Christmas

First and foremost Merry Christmas.

We love Christmas, it truly is a magically time. So wherever you are and whatever you are doing this year we hope you are well and surrounded by loved ones.

Ken's message ~ A few changes this past year. First and foremost I moved to Coldwell Banker Ontrack Realty. Coldwell Banker (CB) has been a real estate office in Central Alberta for over 25 years and a real estate leader world wide for over 100 years. I am proud to be part of this wonderful group. One member of this group is Kristin Freundl.

Kristin and I met shortly after I joined CB and we struck up a friendship and a bond. She is a wonderful lady with 2 boys and an awesome dog Alfred. I trust her completely. Together Kristin and I created the True Blue Realty Group. We offer support for each other and each have our strengths. If I am your main contact then I will be the one you are dealing with and visa versa with Kristin's and her people. But we are always there to back each other up. The ownership at Coldwell Banker was a perfect match for me as was Kristin.


I have talked to many of you since my recent moves about the WHY of them but figure I would mention it here for those I have not talked to this year. I left Century 21 last year for a change, I needed a new challenge, I needed to heal from a personal loss & to refocus my life. The Calgary brokerage I joined did not work out so I sought out something new. CB was that new.

I am better, happy and appreciative of you all!

Kens Christmas wish - 2019 has been a tough year in Alberta. With both elections and bitter talk between Canadians it has been a tough year to take. I will not make this a political post but just hope we as Canadians figure our stuff out and get back to being good neighbours to each other and proud Canadians. So that is my wish this year.

2019 Market Report 

As many of you have figured out the market has dropped somewhat. All this information was taken at the end of November so does not include anything that happened after December 1st, 2019. Not all towns are down from last year but overall but things are not perfect. Each of our municipalities are unique so here we go:

Blackfalds: Blackfalds is a wonderful town just north of Red Deer and south of Lacombe. Nestled on both sides of Highway 2A we have seen Blackfalds grow a lot in the past 10 years. With housing development growing to both the east and west Blackfalds has become a destination for young families. Schools, sporting facilities, shopping and restaurants are all growing in stature. Sales over the past 10 years we average 202 sales per year in Blackfalds with the range going from 313 sales in 2014 to 130 in 2009. This year we have seen 164 sales. Average sale price this year - $303,971

Innisfail: Innisfail is a community 15 minutes south of Red Deer and an hour north of Calgary. This beautiful little town is just off Highway 2 which is great if you are commuting anywhere. Home of the Eagles - Innisfail hosts some of the best Senior hockey in Canada. In recent years Innisfail has seen an average of 126 per year in the first 11 months with 107 this year. In those past ten years the range of sales went from 164 in 2014 to 98 in 2010. Average sale price this year -$265,527

Lacombe: Lacombe is a beautiful town just north of Blackfalds and south of Ponoka. Lacombe is always winning awards for the beauty and has a great vibe downtown. This is one of those places that has everything you need but still a small town feel. The past 10 years has seen an average of  224 sales to the end of November with 2011 being the last boom year with 268 and 2017 having only 180. 2019 has seen 182 sales to the end of November with an average sales price of $323,377

Red Deer: Red Deer is the Central Hub of Alberta. With such a diverse economy and a lot of local shops you can find anything in Red Deer. Our 100,000+ citizens know our city has issues but are proud to live here I think. Our real estate market lately has seen its fair share of turbulence. In the past 10 years from January through November we have averaged 1617 sales with 2014 being the peak at 2019 and this year seeing only 1224. With that 1224 sales the average sale price was $311,172 which is just 4K lower than the ten year average.

Penhold: Penhold is a small bedroom community that is growing and has an attitude of its own. With local growth in the past 10 years Penhold is now host of its own schools and a beautiful multiplex. Small town charm at its best. In the past 10 years Penhold has seen an average of 65 sales for the first 11 months of each year. This year we have seen only 49 with an average sale price of $280,124

Ponoka: Ponoka is a fantastic community. Only about an hour south of Edmonton and 30 minutes north of Red Deer they are the home of the world famous Ponoka Stampede and a lot of wonderful people I get to call friends. Ponoka has a special spot in my heart. The past ten years for real estate in Ponoka is much the same as the rest of Central Alberta. We have averaged 106 sales with the peak coming in 2014 at 141 and the low spots being 85 in 2010 and 92 in 2017. This year so far we have seen 95 sales with an average sale price of $229,767.

Springbrook: Springbrook has always been known as the army base and home of the Red Deer Airport. Situated about 7 minutes south west of Red Deer on 2A it is quickly becoming a family destination. Small town charm lives in Springbrook. We have averaged 30 sales per year over the past 10 years with 2014 being the strongest sale year at 50 sales and this year and 2017 having only 17. One thing to remember was in that 2013-2014 time there was a lot of builders in Springbrook. I think the normal number of sale sin Springbrook should be about 25 or so. In 2017 there were 17 sales with an average of $268,797.

Sylvan Lake: AHHHH Sylvan Lake - Lake Country. A summer destination for so many but home to so many wonderful people. Sylvan Lake is our 2nd biggest real estate market in Central Alberta. Over the past 10 years Sylvan Lake has averaged 316 sales with 2104 booming at 455 sales while 2016 saw 264. This year we have seen only 249 sales. Our bigger markets are hurting a little more than out small markets. With the 249 sales the average sale price was $310,301.

While not many of the numbers for this year are great, remember that all of Central Alberta saw 3,387 sales so far in 2019 (January 1st to November 30th) with an average sales price of $292,308. The most common sales range was $250-$300K and there were 11 sales over one million dollars

Each of these towns there are also smaller markets to consider. A house that is selling for $250,000 is a different market than a $700,000 house. If you ever have any questions about your market let us know.

So from our families at True Blue we truly hope you have a splendid Christmas and 2020 is fantastic.

Ken & Kristin